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Fibretool was founded in 2008 to fulfill the growing need in the communications industry for fiber optic cables and connectivity equipment. Our company is professionally engaged in the manufacture and sales of the fiber optic tools & tool kits; Polishing Machine & Consumables; Cleaning Products; test equipments and other related Supplies. 

For the factory, Fibretool is focused on selling manufacturing and test equipment (such as Fiber Optic Polishing Machines, Connector Heat Oven,Desktop Microscope, IL/RL test Station ), components, consumables, and tools for cable assembly fabrication, also we providing complete production process; 

For the field, Fibretool specializes in providing a variety of interconnect products, services, and test solutions. Customized orders are welcomed.

Quality is the foundation of Fibretool® brand. As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, all Fibretool’s products meet or exceed quality standards and quality control procedures conform to the strict requirements of the standard.We offer only the best products from our strict quality system, all the products need to pass a quality control before shipment.

We are committed to providing the best service for our value customers.The most competitive price but accept small order shipment, please contact us for more information.

For more information about Fibretool, please visit our website at www.fibretool.com